Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Wouldn't it be shameful that while blessings is what we ask from our Dad in heaven, we allow ourselves to drown in their comfort?

I can't say all, but I suspect that majority of churches are too comfortable, that if they are required by God to do something that would lead to persecution, they would not do it.
And if an individual dare to be obedient to our Dad's calling, that person would most probably be cast off, or persecuted, even by his own brethren in Christ.

We are so fearful that we decided not to openly receive a Malay Christian in our midst. Yes, perhaps the person is allowed in our midst, but officially, they're just not there.

I understand the need to protect the congregation from "unnecessary" persecutions, and to be wise in dealing with this "sensitive" issue.
But honestly, are we just trying to be wise and protective of our brothers and sisters in Christ, or we're actually cowering in fear from the thought that our comfortable life would be stripped away simply for following Christ?

If it's the latter, I pray that you'd be uncomfortable, even in the midst of blessings, even when you should be comfortable with the things you have, that you would step out to pursue what you should as one who follow Christ.

Remember that your allegiance is not to comforts, but Christ. Do not abuse your comfortableness.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Mahatma Gandhi was quoted saying, "an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind."

Taking it as literal as it is, well, that statement does sound as if it comes from a philanthropist.

But to believe that with the existence of such "law," people would make the same mistake not only once, but twice, or thrice, makes one sounds more like a misanthropist.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


It is not I who can bless people, but You, oh Lord.

So, whatcha want me do?


Friday, November 09, 2007

serious joke

When I joke, people reply me seriously.

When people joke, and I joke back, they thought I'm being serious.

Something is seriously wrong.

Reminds me of why I've given up trying to make myself understood. It's so tiring trying to explain yourself over and over again, especially when you're so different.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


If as a church leader or pastor, you try to disallow a highly debatable, but non-essential issue in the church, but are worried of being accused of trying to prevent the church members from thinking, I would like to propose this as your statement to them:

"Honestly, I do not mind having you all preoccupied with these debatable issues, for with your attention shifted elsewhere, it would be easier for me to proceed with my personal agenda.

But the problem with these things is that more often than not, over time, they split the church. Then there would be a possibility that our church would shrink in half, if not more.

That, would definitely reduce my salary and increase my workload. I cannot allow THAT."

Who says you have to be nice all the time? Sometimes, it's good to act different from the expectation of the congregation. Stop being too predictable.


Saturday, October 20, 2007


Suddenly feeling down.

I look around, at my friends, and realise that I am in the company of talented and capable people.

They're either earning their own money, winning contests, while I'm here, doing nothing, just simply wasting my dad's money away.

Would things have been different if I'm not around?

Don't come telling me that I make a difference, cos anyone could do so.
Don't come telling me that I've been a blessing to your life, cos anyone could've been such.
I suspect that anyone would be able to fill in my place. And very easily so.

Very pessimistic yea?
Yeah. I've been on the negative lately, being bitter about my internship placement and all.
Lingering a little bit more and I suspect that the devil would've everything he needed to crush me.

But I remembered going through a similar thing when I was officially serving a CF Care Group.

I remembered the time when I felt unworthy to serve such group with so many talented and gifted people.

I still remember how His voice came to me, rebuking me for having self-pity.

And I still remember how He said that by having self-pity, it was a direct insult to Him.
He died for me, He rose for me, and He goes to the Father so that the Holy Spirit can be with me.

I do not have the right to label a person He loves dearly as unworthy.
I do not have the right to despise myself after all He has done for this person.
I do not have the right to look down on anyone even.

I'm sorry for the insult I've thrown at You, dear Lord.
I'm sorry that I've forgotten that my worth is not in me, but in You.
For You are the One who redeemed me, when no one else cared.
When no one else could.
You're the one who had brought me high,
And have been with me when I'm low. Always. Without fail. Even though at times I don't feel that You're there. But I know You are, because You promised. And You're a God who don't break promises, even when You had every reason to.

And this is my faith.
This is my faith in You.

And from here, again, I shall value myself not by comparing myself to the people around me, nor by how they value me.
I shall weight myself with You. With the cross You suffered on.

And honestly, that is one heavy cross.

Friday, October 19, 2007

dragging God

Went for my campus' Christian Fellowship camp few days ago.

The name of the group I was in was "Bravo," to which we presented as "Ba La Wo." In Chinese, it translates to "Dad Pull Me."
A better translation would be "Dad Pulling Me Along."

It signifies our Father holding our hand securely, walking together with us through the journey of life, never letting go.

But I cannot help but laugh at the thought that often, it is us who's pulling our Father in this life's journey.

Worse yet, we're actually dragging Him, violently.
He's too slow at times. :P

Thursday, October 18, 2007


"It is because we're close enough that we step on each others' toes."

To which a dear friend asked, "If we already know it's hurtful to get close to people, why would we want to still do it?"
Can't really remember the exact thing, but I think that was the question.

Honestly, I don't know.

Why on earth do we want to open up ourselves to such vulnerability, to open up ourselves to be hurt, over and over again?

If not that, the question would be, "Is it worth it?"

Is it worth opening up ourselves to such vulnerability, to open up ourselves to be hurt, over and over again?

What would we gain in the end?
That is my selfish question, but is it not valid?

I think the only one who can answer such questions is ourselves.
Have none of us experienced sweet moments with friends, especially the close ones?
Even if we had, does the sweet experiences outweigh the bitter ones?
Is it worth going through the hurts simply for some memorable ones?

Sometimes, I suspect that the best of friends are those we consider enemies, but reconciled after being able to look past the bitterness, dishonesty, hurts and differences. It is with them that we are able to be perfectly honest, not needing any masks, for they'll be able to see through anyway.

And I especially have another dear friend, of which nothing binds our friendship, but Christianity alone. Many times we do not see eye-to-eye, and we disagree on various things. Of course we do agree on many other things as well, but even in our differences, we still do respect each other's thoughts and opinions.

It is never easy to disagree with people we're close with, but it is a great privilege to be allowed to.
And it is also a great honour to have a close friend who, though having fear of being disliked, still find courage to voice out their disagreement.

And something I told my friend that kinda struck myself.
I said, "by kept working together with a disagreeable person, we're giving each other chance to change."

I wonder how true that statement is.
Have I changed through doing exactly that?
But honestly, the question would be, "why should I do it?"
And it is exactly when I ask such questions that God reminds me of my prayer, "God, make me a better servant of Yours."

But I've also learnt not to expect changes in people. I've been disappointed from having this kind of thoughts alone. It's so much easier to accept them.
And of course, the process of accepting is not easy, but there is less frustration than expecting changes.
I've learnt to just do what God wants me to do, and to expect great things from Him instead.

I have to admit that I have cried many tears for the hurts that I have received from those I drew near to.
But I also have to admit that it is also them who had given me, and are continuing to give me joy through their friendship, through their smiles, through their love, and sometimes, through our disagreements.

And it is also in their midst that I find more of God, for it is for them that He gave His life up, and it is to them that He will go to, and remains.

Though I sometimes regret saying this, it is ultimately where my God is, that I want to be.

Lord, Lord,
This life journey's is so long,
And there are many occasions where I do not know the perfect things to say,
Nor do I know the perfect things to do,

Sometimes, I'm tired.
I'm tired of trying to love, I'm tired of trying to be patient.
I'm tired of caring, I'm tired of my cravings for approval.

But You already know I am so.
You know of my unfaithfulness,
You know of my short-lived passion.

But I know of Your faithfulness,
I know of Your never-ending love.

Break my heart with Your love,
Break my heart with the love You have for the people around me.
Enable me to see them as You see them,
And enable me to see me as You see me.

Help me to see their differences as complementary to mine, rather than opposing.
Help me to see their differences as encouragement for betterment, rather than discouragement.
Help me to see what You want me to see, for I am only a sinful man, made righteous by Your blood.

I yearn to see the many wonderful things You will produce through our unity.
I yearn to see Your people reconciled to each other.
I yearn to see the day when we can all be honest with each other and truly love one another, instead of just talking about it.

Would You allow me to see all these things?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

brain "power"

Just when I've stopped doubting about my spirituality, that is to stop relying on my feelings to determine my relationship with God but instead to rely on what He says it is, my brain goes on to doubt whether I'm truly a Christian.

It goes on to the question of "if you're truly a Christian, why do you find the idea of worshiping the human Jesus so hard to swallow, or why is it that you wanted to do God's work, but resist every thought of really doing it?"

"Are you sure you've actually decided to follow Christ?"

Heh. I can't say I like this kind of moment, but I'm glad that in Christianity, I am allowed to be honest. I am allowed to doubt. I am allowed to allow God to work in me.

Of course the honest and doubting part mostly do not apply to other humans. I hope it would not be stumbling block. But one cannot deny that if God knows what you're thinking, there's little use to being dishonest and pretend you're not doubting, when you are.

I guess it's so much better to tell him about it outrightly, and see what He has to say or would do.

Back to the issue, is there a step-by-step guide, or a criteria that makes a person Christian? Or perhaps such thing exists only for us to judge whether another person's a Christian.

So Lord, what say You?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

just so you know

Often, I do not love you THAT much to tell you of your weaknesses.
I am not prepared to put myself in a position where you will think I'm trying to mold you into me, or trying to push my values on you.

About people who actually do, I think it is worth noting that they are either legalistic (a.k.a. insecure about themselves) or they really do love you.

So, think before you follow your feelings and decided to shun them or criticize them or write about them on your blog.
Especially if they're your pastors! It's already bad enough that they have to confine themselves to 'churching' ministry, they have to serve you! Not enough with that, they have to find themselves being mentioned in your blog, badmouthed, adjoined by hundreds of your faithful readers!

Remember, we do not actually have much control over that entity called feelings, but we can still control how we are to act upon it. We can still, to a certain extent, control our thoughts.

*This post is not specifically to any particular person, but the general masses. I do not only read your blog, but many more online blogs and articles.*

Friday, October 05, 2007

my Saviour my God

If You are truly beyond time, You should already know how things will turn out even before they did.

If so, I really do not understand the way you think.

If so, You should have already that I am a person who would occasionally bring shame to Your name.
I'm the person that would fall once in a while, making wrong decisions willfully, consciously. Even when I do know what is right and what is wrong.

Am I just another Egypt, someone You would use to bless Your children, the "sinner God used for His purpose?"

You already know that there are times when it'll be like now, where if my deeds are uncovered, they would bring shame to Your name.
But You still call me to Your embrace, You still wanted me.

You said that You've cleansed me of my sins, and I am right with you.
There are times that I would prefer if I were to suffer for a bit, so that I would feel "worthy" to return to You, having received my deserved punishment.
But at the same time, I'm scared of it. I do not want it. I do not want to be punished, I shun it.

Can I hit my body, can I bruise my hands, that I can declare that I've suffered for a bit, I've got what I deserved, so now I can feel better coming back to You?
But You said no.
My body is Yours, I do not have any right to inflict injuries upon it.
Only to do Your will.

Do You know that it hurts my pride to receive Your grace and to come to You, pretending that everything is like before, like I've never sinned before?

Do You know how hypocritical I feel whenever I lift my hands to praise You, whenever my lips declare of Your greatness?

Do You know how hypocritical I feel whenever I said that I'm giving up my entire self to do Your will, that I would forsake all to rid myself of this thing that haunts me?
I do not even wanted to be at the sanctuary to be prayed for.
I do not even want to be in a shameful situation.
I do not even want to do Your will.

Do You know how people would look at me if they were to know my hidden deeds?
I do not care about losing reputation, friends, but how would they see You?

They'll say, "what a fake Christian he is, doing what he preached against."
I do not mind such things, but Your name is in front of mine.
Why should You be insulted for my wrongdoings?
Why should You be insulted for my sins?

Yeah, why do You even bother in the first place?
I am but a passing wind.
I am but a momentary sigh.
I am but a dying leaf.

I can blame satan for all the wrong things I've done, but it is still me who decided on my deeds.

As much as I wanted to run away, that I would prevent myself from trampling unto Your body;
that I would prevent myself from nailing You to the cross again and again and again and again;
that I would prevent myself from coming back to You in shame receiving forgiveness,
You called me back.
Again and again and again and again.
Why do You do that???

Yet, where can I run to?
You are the reason that I'm alive, You are the Truth for everything there is.

Sure, I can lie to myself and pretend as if there's something else to live for, but deep down, I know there isn't.

The only thing to live for, is You.

So, no matter how many times, I'll crawl back to You.
I'll sing praises to You, no matter how hypocritical my person feels.
I'll sing psalms to You, no matter how angry my body feels towards You.
I'll sing songs to You, no matter how shameful I feel.

Thank You for Your forgiveness,
Even when this person is not worthy of it,
Thank You for Your love,
Even when this person is never worthy of it.

Thank You for holding unto me, when everyone else would've given up.

Thank You.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

walking contradiction

Opponents of the Bible have been going around claiming that the Bible cannot be the Word of God, because it's full of contradictions.

They arrogantly used their finite humanly reasoning power to prove whether a certain thing exists. And if their finite humanly reasoning power cannot reason it out, then it would be impossible for it to be true or correct. They think the existence of a certain matter would be determined by the level of power their brains can work.

Well, that is not exactly what I have in thoughts. They can still exist even if I can't reason them out.

I'm here to think about the contradictory nature of the human way of thinking.
Often, we think that if there's a contradiction, only one side is true; the other is not.
Quite logical actually.
But consider these that I would write:

We want people to accept us for who we are.
We want people to be honest with us, no matter what.
When people start being honest, often, we think that they're criticizing us, pointing out our weaknesses, and we lament, "why can't you just accept me for who I am?"

I mean, what the heck???

We want people to be able to trust us with critical circumstances.
But when they do, we feel used, because we feel that they only come to us when they need us.

I mean, what the heck???

We felt that we've talked too much, and decided to get the other person to talk.
When the other person is already comfortably starting to talk, we act all uninterested, and even changes the topic.

I mean, what the heck???

We wanted a silent person to talk, to join in the conversation, even to the point of pushing.
But when they do, we think that the things they say are stupid, we think that they should shut up instead.

I mean, what the heck???

We wanted people to express themselves freely, to be honest.
But when they try to explain their thoughts or position or opinion, we call them defensive.

I mean, what the heck???

We wanted people to share of the good things that has happened to them.
When they do, we think, "That's so plain. They should just keep it to themselves, bimbos."

I mean, what the heck???

We wanted people to be open and be free to tell others what they wanted to be prayed for.
But when they do, we go, "That's such a trivial thing, you might as well pray it yourself. Don't you have bigger, and more important things to ask for prayer?"

I mean, what the heck???

OK, most of them is prolly just me. Now you know how rotten is this heart of mine. And yes, you're angelic. Good for you.

Often, people do not know what they want. They think they want, and when they got it, they realise that they don't. They think they don't, and when they don't have it anymore, they want.

What I am proposing, is that the next time we feel hurt, the next time we feel sore, can we look at the whole picture and evaluate the relevance of our feelings?
No, I am not asking you to abandon your emotions, but I think we've indulged in it too much already. It's enough. It's time to strike a balance.

There is a time to feel hurt, and there is also a time to know that your feelings contradicts itself and should be ignored.

I am learning too, so if you actually agreed with what I wrote, why not embark on this trip together?


And may the Holy Spirit help us in discerning what is valid, and what is not.

God bless.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've just watched a video about Christian persecution, where they are ordered to spit on the Bible.

Why is the Bible so precious? It is because it contains some words that comes directly down from the Divine?

If you believe so, you are most probably mistaken.
If you believe so, you most probably do not understand what it really meant when it is said that the Bible was *inspired* by God.

I ask you to consider the Bible precious, because it is from the Bible that we come to know the person Jesus.

It is from the Bible that we come to know that we have a God who so loved us that He came down as a man, and died for our sins.
It is from the Bible that we come to know that we have a God who do not just leaves us on our own, but wants us to be near Him.
It is from the Bible that we come to know that we have a purposeful God, that we have a reason for this life that we have.

And what is there in written words, that if we throw them away, or spit on it, it disproves our faith in God?

I suspect that the sacrilegious act is not on you doing it, but because that is the way your enemies affirm your denial of your God.

It is not so much of your action of tearing it apart, or throwing it away, burning it, or spitting on it, but because your enemies wanted you to do it in order to deny your faith.

You have denied your God, not in doing it, but in showing it.

But as Jesus had taken away all the sins of those who come to Him, I still believe that there can be reconciliation.
We humans, on the other hand would not be so forgiving, though it is almost none of our business; it is a matter between the person and Him.

Are we worthy to judge the person who denied God, while we often live in ways that deny Him?

God did not forgive for forgiving sake, but so that we can be reconciled to Him.
Our sins He remembers no more. REMEMBERS NO MORE!

Peter denied God three times, while Judas only once.
The former found courage to ask for forgiveness, while the latter punished himself.

What use is forgiveness if there is no reconciliation?
What use is forgiveness if the offense is still remembered?

It is for your own sake that you're commanded to forgive, that you do not hinder yourself from the abundant life you're entitled to by carrying such a burden.

Friday, September 14, 2007

heartful praises

How bold we are to take up the pen with our pair of filthy hands, writing love poems and letters to Him.
The love that flows out from our filthy heart is not even worth giving.

How bold we are to lift our voices with our dirty lips, singing love songs and praises to Him.
The voice that flows out from our mouth is not even worth listening to.

I suspect that the angels can write much better poems to Him.
I suspect that the angels can sing much sweeter than the best singer we have.

But it is our poems and letters He wanted to read, no matter how badly it is written, no matter how insincere and hypocritical we feel writing it.
And it is also our voices that He wanted to hear, no matter how croaked it is, no matter how bad we are at singing.

Write now to your heart's content, for you have no reason to anymore when you're in heaven.
Sing now to Him to your heart's content, for your voices would not be heard being in the midst of an ever-singing multitude in heaven.

O praise Him, my heart, and bless the Lord my Beloved!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

praise lover

Is it our nature to love praises, or are we just looking for someone to praise.

And often, that someone just happens to be ourselves?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The more "advanced" I get, the more I see that it is when I was the simplest, that my understanding was the most correct, accurate and wisest.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Many problems are solved not by looking for the source, but by looking at the Source.

If your faith is indeed faith, act it out.

Respond in trusting God despite circumstances;
Respond in trusting God despite opposition;
Respond in trusting God despite your shortsightedness.

I know it sounds like an attempt to be spiritual. You may agree with it, but you don't actually believe.

So, this is my challenge:

'Oh, taste and see that God is good, blessed is the man who trusts in Him! - Psalm 34:8'

Thursday, August 23, 2007


How often do we give thanks for all the "little little miracles" that He allowed to happen?

An exam passed, prolly with good results?
A project done, despite really bad circumstances?
A really good journey out, or just hanging out with friends?

We seem to be under the impression that we deserve good things, that if bad things happen to us, we whine and sulk. And we blame God, asking Him why, why, why.

Sometimes, we are passionate for miracles, that if something extravagant does not happen, we feel down.

"That's so plain. Where's the miracle?"
Heck, it's right in front of you.

We seem to be under the impression that everything goes well because they ought to, because that's how things are, and when things are not well, it's an abnormal occurence.
Are we so pampered that we're taking things for granted???

I am a great lover of miracles, be it small or big, be it plain or extravagant, because it reminds me that my God is good, because it strengthens my faith in Him, because it gives joy to my heart.

It can be in the form of a lift that opens the moment I'm in front of it;
It can be in the form of a surprisingly good exam result;
It can be in the form of a day well spent.

And often, these are so common in our lives, that we see it as normal. We see it as something that should happen.

If so, let me tell you this, that in this imperfect world, the most normal thing that should happen is people dying everywhere, even right in front of your eyes, almost every moment.
If so, let me tell you this, that in this imperfect world, natural disaster should happen every now and then, with high probability of occurence.
If so, let me tell you this, that in this imperfect world, you should not have any reason to be happy, nor can you be happy.

Things are well because God is good. He spread His arms in love to shelter us from things that we so deserve: bad lucks.
And He protects us, believer and non-believer alike, because we're all His creations, and He loves each one of us, and do not wish us doom.

Often, when things are unwell, I would be extra reverent to God, praying earnestly, but when the thing passed, I act as if I deserve it, as if it should happen.
I often forget to be thankful.

Guard yourself against unthankfulness. Don't delight yourself in God's gift, delight yourself in Him.
If God bless you everyday with miracles, even with the extravagant ones, since you're human, there are high chance that you'll treat it as normal, having seen it too much.

Remember that the natural is just supernatural with high frequency of occurence.

Whatever Jesus meant when He said this, let us not be an evil and adulterous generation that seeks after a sign, and that no sign will be given to us except the sign of the prophet Jonah. (Matthew 12:39, rephrased)

If even the Hebrews would turn away from God just after the wonders they witness in Egypt, what guarantees that our faith is sealed if miracles are often poured on us?

As often as you can remember, and as often as you can remind yourself, delight yourself with the Giver, rather than the gifts.

"Be not deceived, Wormwood, our cause is never more in jeopardy than when a human, no longer desiring but still intending to do our Enemy's will, looks round upon a universe in which every trace of Him seems to have vanished, and asks why he has been forsaken, and still obeys." - A letter from a devil to another devil. The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis.

Friday, August 03, 2007


There are times we look behind and say, "Ah, all the things in life we're going to miss," and when we look in front, we cannot help it but exclaim with great sadness, "Ah, all the things that these people would've missed, not knowing of the love and works of Christ!"

We are not people of great goodness, nor are we compassionate and kind and benevolent.

We are merely people who are compelled to feel what we feel, and to think what we think, by the love of God which He placed within us by our own willingness.

We do not find our love from within us, nor did we generate it, nor have we made it, but we were loved, and it is through that love that we have ours.

We do not attribute our acts of good works and great love to ourselves, for we know it is not from us, but we are merely the compelled stewards of God.

So, whenever you feel compelled to praise us, stop. Praise our God instead.
Be reminded that we are merely people who do good things because we are compelled to do it by His love.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I dislike being call a minister. I mean, as in ministering to the needs of people, especially friends.

I refuse to categorize the things that I do as ministering, no matter how much they appear to be so.

Perhaps because the term seems to indicate superiority.

Perhaps because the term seems to indicate one-sided benefit.

Do you know that as much as you avail yourself to tend to the needs of others, most of the time it actually caters to yours as well?

Do you know that everytime you make a decision to bless someone, while it is God's will that the person be blessed, it is also His will that you're blessed through the action?

Let's take tithing as an example.

I guess you've heard of prosperity gospel before? The one that says the more you give to God, the more you'll get? Actually, it's not totally incorrect, though it is inaccurate.
It actually does work. Why? Simply because they're doing the right thing, though for the wrong reason.

For now, it is my belief that the proper reason of why we tithe, is firstly, to accomplish God's plan and will, whether it's for a big project, or simply to bless someone who is in need financially.
It also serves as a test given by God, to see how faithful and obedient we are to Him in dealing with the resources that He has given us.

If we aren't even faithful in dealing with the very little that has been given to us, what guarantees that we'll be faithful in dealing with more than what we already have?
If it's hard for us to give out 10 when we're given 100, wouldn't it be harder to give out 10,000 when we're given 100,000?

Now, I'm not saying that you should tithe until you have nothing left to use. You're given wisdom, but if you lack, ask.
If you just give until you have nothing left, that fact does not shows that you're a faithful steward, but someone who uses your God-given resources recklessly.
You've been given wisdom. Use it. But if you lack, ask from Him who gives freely.

Coming back to the original topic, there's almost never a such thing as one-sided blessing. Everytime you bless someone, you would most probably be blessed also in return, whether you realise it or not.

When you "minister" to someone, chances are that you're being ministered to as well.
Everytime you give advices, chances are that those advices would benefit you as well.
When you choose to accompany someone who's lonely, chances are that the whole event is also meant to provide for your loneliness as well.

Now, I do not mean that you should give all your resources, time and cash, to people around you. You've been given wisdom. Use it. If you lack, ask from Him who gives freely.

There is a time for everything.
For resting,
To be alone with God,
For hanging out with friends,
To be with family,
And smiling.

So, the next time you "minister" to someone, do not do it feeling superior; but also do not do it for the sake of to be blessed in return - that's selfishness and insincere.

Just be glad for a chance to give, and a chance to receive.

I am always in awe everytime I think about how we've come to this world, empty handed,
But God, out of His love gave us something, so that we can give a portion back as a thanksgiving,
and when we do so, He has a reason to give us even more than what He has already given us.

He gave us first, that we could give Him back, that He can give us more.

So Lord, this is my all, everything that You've given me, everything that You've added unto me;
It is Yours, so claim me for Thyself, with much jealousy, with much love, with much covetousness.

"If He who in Himself can lack nothing chooses to need us, it is because we need to be needed." - The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Let me seek more than humanly praises,
Let me seek Your will.

Let me seek more than a lady's affection,
Let me seek Your love.

Let me seek more than worldly achievements,
Let me seek Your approval.

Let me seek more than carnal pleasures,
Let me seek Your fulfillment.

Let me seek more than who I am,
Let me seek You.

I am so filthy that I would die, my mind, they're never pure.
They asked me seek goodness within myself, these I never found;
And I know that they're never there.

Woe is me to die in my sins,
For not even my good deeds can save me, and even these I have none!

Oh how haggardly trodden is the cross!
But oh, how beautiful is the land beyond it, where the light is never dim, view more beautiful than the most glorious sunset!

Woe is me for the land I can see but cannot go.

But happy am I, for He died, and He lived!
He died, and my sins died with Him, He suffered, He suffered, to my regrets, He suffered.
And He lived,
Carrying my hands, He braved everything,
He made sure my pair of filthy and disgusting feet stepped into the beautiful land,
He cleansed me, from my hair to the toe of both my foot,
He clothed me with princely robes, He adorned me with priceless jewels,
He treated me as His own,
He treated me like His own son,
The man who nailed Him to the cross.

I bow before You.
I am nothing without You.
These I know, but many times I ran away.

You accept me no matter what,
You forgave me, when no man can.
Again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

So, remind us Lord, always?
That we are nothing without you,
and our royalty, is but from You.

You accepted us as Your own,
Princes and Princesses You made us,
Heavenly royalties, we became,
Because of who You are.
Simply because of who You are.

I bow, and I confess, that "the Lord is my salvation, I am nothing without Him, He raised me up like the eagles;
He loved me, and even death cannot do us part."

Sunday, July 08, 2007


When in doubt, rejoice, for you have the privilege to be.

When persecuted, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually, rejoice, for you're counted worthy to suffer for Him.

When weak, rejoice, for you shall be strengthened.

When feeling inadequate and lacking, rejoice, for you will be perfected.

And when feeling far from God, rejoice, for perhaps that is when He's nearest.


I've made it a point to never apologize for being who I am.

But can I ever apologize enough for all the hurts done during my process of becoming a better person, a better follower of Christ...?

Friday, July 06, 2007



Can't I see a favour when I see one?

Was saving money on food, when the seller offered me extra dish for free (I assumed) since he wanted to close off already.

............And I said no.


I regretted it as soon as I stepped out of the shop, and while I was walking back.

Was it from pride that I said no, or was it uncertainty?
What caused me to missed such a favour, and will I continue to miss such favours in the future?
Will my pride and nature cause me to miss more of such possible-God-given favours?

But then while I was contemplating the whole thing, I started to wonder with a different perspective.

Was such incidence a favour missed, or a favour gained?

While it looked like a favour, how if I was meant to reject it; how if it would've caused me illness instead?

I can cry a thousand tears at the thought of missed opportunities, but what if those "grave misfortunes" were never misfortunes afterall?

"You give and take away, You give and take away, my heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be Your name."
"I believe that all things work together for the good of those who love God, for those those who are called, according to His purpose."
"My God is glorious and mighty, He has never failed me, and will never do; He is beyond my expectations. I shall not let my shortsightedness prevent me from daily giving Him thanks, even when things are not as I wanted them to be, or that they do not seem good at all in my sight."

- I'm still learning to really mean these words that I proclaim often.

How can I not trust that He'll always be here to complement me my mistakes, as He had promised me, when, as my best friend put it:

"I know my God is faithful, I've proven Himself oft before."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

not regretted

Should there be any mistake in the practise of present day Christianity, it's in giving people the time, space and freedom to get to know Jesus Christ.

Should there be any mistake in the practise of present day Christianity, it's in giving people the time, space and freedom to change for the better.

And these we refuse to regret.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


On the day that we were born our navel cord was not cut, nor were we washed in water to cleanse us; we were not rubbed with salt nor wrapped in swaddling cloths.

No eye pitied us, to do any of these things for us, to have compassion on us; but we were thrown out into the open field, when we ourselves were loathed on the day we were born.

And when You passed by us, and saw us struggling in our own blood, You said to us in our blood, 'Live!' Yes, You said to us in our blood, 'Live!'

You made us thrive like a plant in the field; and we grew, matured, and became very beautiful. Our bosom were formed, our hair grew, but we were naked and bare.

When You passed by us again and looked upon us, indeed our time was the time of love; so You spread Your wing over us and covered our nakedness. Yes, You swore an oath to us and entered into a convenant with us, and we became Yours,

Then You washed us in water; yes, You thoroughly washed off our blood, and You anointed us with oil.

You clothed us in embroidered cloth and gave us sandals of badger skin; You clothed us with fine linen and covered us with silk.

You adorned us with ornaments, put bracelets on our wrists, and a chain on our neck.

And you put a jewel in our nose, earrings in our ears, and a beautiful crown on our head.

Thus we were adorned with gold and silver, and our clothing was of fine linen, silk, and embroidered cloth. We ate pastry of fine flour, honey, and oil. We were exceedingly beautiful, and succeeded to royalty.

Our fame went out among the nations because of our beauty, for it was perfect through Your splendour which You bestowed on us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


There are times when I wish I wouldn't have this heart of understanding.

There are times that I hate understanding why people do the things they do. Or why they are the way they are.

Else, I'd be free to blame, and to condemn, and to accuse as I like.
I'd prolly live an easier life.

But then again, things could be worse if I'm not already who I am now.

Sigh. Even while groaning of discontent, let it be my desire to desire what You desire.
Let Your will be done, and not mine.

My life, is never mine anymore, right? I've placed it on Your hands few years ago. Let me not take it back, knowing that it's in a better hand than mine.

Let me not worry, for You are with me.
Let me not fear, for am I not also a servant of the Most High?

Let me not fear of people, but them of me,
Of the things You would inspire me to say,
Of the things You would inspire me to do.

You're set to destroy the works of the devil, so let me tag along.

Let my fears draw me closer to You, seeking courage,
Let my tears draw me closer to You, seeking comfort,
Let my failing heart draws me closer to You, seeking encouragement.
Let my battered body and soul draw me closer to You, seeking healing.

I love You, let not this words fail, for You're a God of the impossible.

Friday, June 15, 2007

in awe

Is it not interesting that when God calls us, it's almost always when we're least prepared for it.

Well, He does prepare us for it, through hints, through nudges, through events, through conversations, but all in all, it's mysterious.

It's so mysterious and interesting that I almost couldn't care less about explaining it; I'd rather just watch and be fascinated.

We struggle with His calling, we wrestle it out, we cry, we whimper, we sulk.

It seems so hard to comply, it seems so hard to obey, UNTIL you obeyed.

When you've finally given in, you'd be so relieved and that such decision does not seem that hard to make afterall. But looking back, you know it is tough.

Why so? Is it because of how our human nature is determined to condemn our person to the depths of hell? Or is it because of temptation from our faithful adversary, the devil?

But it's fun that no matter what, if we do love God, He'll always get what He wants through us. (Doesn't mean He don't get what He wants if we don't love Him.)

We may go into that cycle of complaining to Him, bargaining with Him, arguing with Him.
We may even comply, but with personal agenda(s).

But it's fun to see that our own selfish motives get changed and remoulded, unwittingly, to fit His plans instead.

'All things work together for the good of those who *love* God, to those who are the called, according to *His purpose*.' - Romans 8:28

And even while writing this that I'm having a better understanding of this verse.

Reminds me of a time when I was assigned the task of preparing devotional material for a camp of the Christian Fellowship I belonged to (though I do not feel qualified for such thing.). I was planning to use that opportunity to address a certain issue I see prevailing among my beloved brethrens, only to find that the final product was totally different from what I intend it to be.

And the final form was such that I cannot change it back to fit my agenda.

My Lord gets what He wants, while not revealing His plans to me, and even through my selfishness, shapes me to be a better servant of His.

Well, others might deem the final product not good enough, but I couldn't care less. It's not my job to squeeze result out of people.

I saw how my Lord worked through me, with such elegance, mystery, and authority, that I can do nothing else but to bow down and admire Him of His wonderful ways.

Let me be with You in this wretched body for a while more, in awe of Your wonders and might, a witness among many, of Your goodness and greatness.

And let us be awed to such extent that we cannot help but to invite those around us to also be witnesses of Your awesomeness.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

God-given passion

For those who have made it their life's passion to care for people, please do continue this wonderful work that God has placed in your heart to do.

Over the course of time, there would most probably be people who dislike you for it.

They would think that you're a pain, and you'd regret that you even cared.

But if I can even convince you with my words, believe me when I say that between caring and not caring, the regret of choosing the former would be much bearable compared to the latter.

Some would dislike you for caring, some would like you.
Some would like you for not caring, some would dislike you.

No matter what, people would still say things. Care for them anyway.

Trust me on this, that you can live better knowing that you're disliked for caring, rather than knowing what had happened when you did not.

But while on this business of caring, do learn to be more sensitive in words and deeds.
Learn what to say and what not to say.
Learn what to do and what not to do.
Learn when to act and when not to act.
And most importantly, learn to draw strength from God, ask Him for your heart's genuine love, beg Him for wisdom and knowledge.

And ultimately, let this passion and works draw you closer to God by the moments, for is He not the one that has placed it in your heart in the first place, and is He not the reason that you do all the things that you do?

May God bless you in this wonderful work, giving you much more than you can hold, that you would give to others from your overflowing abundance.


There are times I wonder why the heck do I make such promises; why are such convenants swored?

Choosing to love individuals, and treating them accordingly, to the decision of love I've made.
Showering them with love and care.
Not expecting anything in return, because I'm not doing it so that I can be treated the same in return.

I love because I choose to.
I care because I've made a decision to do so.

But there are times, even with such mindset, that I wonder whether the person even care about these things that I do.

But searching deep within, it is not because I hope to have something in return when I do these things, but when individuals told me that I'm loved too.

If you do love and care for me, why do I feel that you're not?
If you do love and care for me, as you've said, I rather that you didn't say so.

I don't mind learning and trying to love people, but I can't stand it when people say that they love me, and do not act according to what they've said.

I rather you don't love me at all.

But for a while, just for a while, I turned the situation in the light of God, I beginning to wonder things.

I wonder how would He had felt for all the times we professed our love to Him, but we act in opposition to that confession.
How heartbroken are You, how many tears would You have shed?

You, who loved us first, and leaving the decision to love back fully in our hands. And even when we decide to love You in return, You left Yourself vulnerable to the shallowness of our human love, leaving Yourself open to constant heartbreaks.

And look Lord, how heartbroken have You made me, putting such love in my heart, to even feel a fragment of Yours would render me broken, making me collapse and be of no use.
You have placed me in a place to feel Your heartaches, You've placed me in a place where I cannot not do what You want me to do.

If these are my tears, how much more would You have shed?
If this is the extent of my heartaches, how much more are Yours?
If I'm so heartbroken seeing the strife and struggle of Your people, how much more are You?

For those who proclaim of their love for God, but in your deeds you bring shame to such proclamation, I pray that God would put His love into your heart, so much that your heart breaks.
For you who confessed of your love for God, but in your acts you disgrace your own confession, I pray that He would put you in places, in situations, to feel what He's feeling, so much that it breaks your heart.

Why such prayers, are these revenge?

How can I utter revenge when my God has place in my heart the passion to love you?

It is through these that I hope your life would be changed, that you can finally love for real, for has not such been your constant prayer?
It is through these that I hope you'd understand more of who He is, that you would not take Him for granted.
It is through these that I hope you'd step out of your comfort zone, to reach out to many, fulfilling your calling to be a blessing to many, to act out from the passion of your Lord.

May God fill your heart with love so much that it breaks your heart these days, that you would no longer sit still, but would instead turn to Him, to quench His passion for His creations.


Everyone is moving somewhere. There are times when our path crosses. And there are times when our path the same for a certain period of time, so we walk together.

We are but lamp holders bumping into one another. Some for a lengthy period of time, some moved on quick. No matter what, we need to go our own way, meeting new people, letting go of the old.

Sometimes, we are like stations. Resting stations for people who are weary. A friendship stop for people who needed it. A lamp holder for people to see for the moments. And often, other people serve us the same way we do them and others.

Most of the time, I feel like my lifelong calling is to be a middle person. God has made me one of the many connectors of one person to another, one of the many connectors of the past and the future.

And I need to learn to not hold on to most friendships for too long. The memory of it will last forever, but there are time I needed to let go of their hands, to let them pursue what they should, even with a broken heart at that.

The next time we don't meet or talk anymore, I shall know that you're already having a close friendship with the next person in this one way road, and that my company is unnecessary anymore. Do not deem it selfish, for we humans need each other, and that we are benefactors of one another. There would be a time when I am not needed anymore, and that God will send you your next friend.

All in all, whether it's in building a new friendship, or letting go of an old one, that God would draw us closer to Himself through all these, through our happiness and our heartbreaks.

Friendship don't necessarily last forever, but the memory of it will.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Can one find peace amidst this chaos?
This unsettling fear, it lingers unceasingly,
In the heart of many.

Would there be calm, in this turbulence?
I can hardly imagine if there could be one.
Even if there be one,
It'll be but for a moment,
Leaving as quick as it comes.

But it is because of my God that I've come to know,
It is because of my Lord whom I've grown to love,
That I have hope.
A hope that arises from His love.

There can be peace in the midst of this unceasing chaos;
There can be calm in this crazy storm;
He will cause me to smile in the face of harm,
He will be my safety in the face of danger,
Because it is in my God that I trust.

Whether in life or death, He is with me;
Who can win against me?

There can be peace in the midst of this chaos;
There can be calm in this storm;
For it is in God that we trust.

Wedding Vows

Will you, in the midst of the comfort and/or conflict at home, do your best to attend to the poor and needy?

Will you, while having children of your own, if God gives, remember the orphans and broken homes, and if possible, to provide relief?

Will you, strengthened by your partner, not just be contented with the love of each other, but would have your marriage bring forth better things for others?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


There exists many arguments and statements concerning reality that sounds so convincing and logical, but can never happen or exist apart from the linguistic world.

There also exists many arguments and statements that sounds so illogical, contradictory and paradoxical that it seems impossible for it to exist in reality, but are natural occurences.

Amusing world.

And I make it my aim to venture deeper into it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Yes, do continue with your speculations.
Continue to indulge in that tasty and juicy game of guessing; that tempting lie that your heart and the evil one devised, that you would be caught up in useless and time-wasting wonders.
Is it useful and absolutely necessary for you to know things that are purposely kept from your knowledge, with your health of mind in thought when such is done?
Go on, continue and indulge in things that are absolutely not useful and time-wasting and strife-inviting, that perhaps one day you would look back and regret upon it and have a better life, or perhaps would never realise about it even in death.

-a pre-thought response to a possible future speculation on my possible writings or words.-

Monday, April 23, 2007


Hey you.

Yes, you who has plans to be a husband, to get married.

Don't just dream and hope about it, please do start now.

Start working to be a good husband, to be a good father.

Rid yourself of your collection of pornography materials.
Rid yourself of that cigarette pack.
Rid yourself of that pride.
Rid yourself of unforgiveness.
Rid yourself of sin.

Seek God for strength.
Seek God for fruits of His Spirit.
Seek God for truth.
Seek God to prepare you to be a better person.
Seek God to replenish you.
Seek God's will for your life.

I don't want to see your wife crying just because you've never prepared to forgive her of her wrongdoings, or simply because you're too prideful to care about her, or cos you're busy watching your pornography, or because you're having sex outside marriage, or you're too busy pleasing yourself.

I don't want to see your kids running around, growing to be someone who's bitter towards other people, growing up to be someone who purposely causing trouble, simply because you're so easy to raise your hands to hit them, or too busy to discipline them, or too busy pleasing yourself.

I don't want to see those you claim you love contracting cancer, simply because you don't have the self-control to not smoke in front of them. I don't want to see them contracting diseases, simply because you don't have the self-control to not have sex outside of marriage.

You, who profess to love your girlfriend : Grow up and be a true man. Not the kind that continues watching porn, masturbating, or very selfish.

I beg you, please start your journey for betterment now. If you do plan to get married, if you do plan to love someone, these, I beg you do.

Please, don't wait till tomorrow; you might forget about it by then. And don't say you won't forget. I refuse to accept your excuses to see your loved ones cry the next time i see them.


A Christian can be at peace with God and self, but never with the world.

If he is to deceive himself that his patience and virtues are already perfected, and that he has already attained all the good character traits, he'll probably end up in trouble one day in his encounter with the world.

Sometimes, I wonder whether I'll go crazy with all these people around me, with their unforgiveness, with their mindset problems.

I would be glad to blame it on them, claiming that these people perhaps would one day be at peace with God, at the expense of the Christians who has been absorbing their hurts and problems.
They would have a good end, and the Christians who helped them would ended up all battered and hurt.

But I guess if the patience and virtues indeed comes from God, it wouldn't be such. Because it's not made up, it's not self-imposed, it's not something that is added to us, but instead became our being.

If such is the case, then I guess the bitterness and hurt behind these character of mine shows that I'm not there yet, and I shouldn't fake it. I won't just push people away, or do things differently because I'm admitting that it's not the true traits yet, but rather, to do the same thing, with a different way of thinking.

Did the shepherds change their ways just because they saw the infant Jesus?
They prolly did, but we don't know.
They could still be doing the same thing they've been doing for the years, but their views of life and of God would most surely change, because they've seen God's salvation.

So, I guess I'll still be doing the same things I've been doing, while admitting to my weaknesses and failures, looking forward to a better person God would make me in the future, be it near or far.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Why should there be a distinction between you and the church?

Why should there be a "the CF" and "me?"

Is not the church, you, and the christian fellowship, you?

If you, as an individual doing something to serve God, is that not also an act of the church, instead of you personally?

Aren't you the extending hand to reach where others care not to reach, or dare not to reach, or couldn't reach?

Why should there be a saying of "I'm doing what the church don't want or don't care to do?"

If you're doing it, does that not mean that the church IS doing it?

Oh, dearest brothers and sisters, why should there be a distinction between you and me? Why should there be a distinction between the you and the church?

You are part of the church, places and people you touch is an act of the church, inspired by God.

What your brethrens lack, you complement; what you lack, they do so too.

Can we be more loving, accepting, and complementary?

You, the beloved of God, please.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Lord, Lord,

I guess You just wouldn't let me be very comfortable,
I guess You just wouldn't allow me to do less,
I guess You just wouldn't allow me to do less to avoid more failures?

These things You've prepared me for, these things that You've put into my heart...

You do know how much You're demanding from me, right?

And these things that You wanted me to do, You know how much laughter and mocking I'll receive when things wouldn't work out as expected, right?
You also know that it means I have to be transparent, to expose things I never wanted to, to be vulnerable to people?

You do know all these that You're asking of me, right?

True, I can choose to be comfortable, and to ignore all these tuggings of the heart, but I also know that that is foolishly self-chosen shortsightedness.

So, this I propose, this I plead, that if all these are from You, and these are indeed what You wanted me to do, do take control.

Do anoint me.

Do bless me.

Because only You can.

It's ok for me to face failures, it's ok for me to be laughed at, it's ok for my weaknesses to be made known, but honestly, if it's from You, let me not miss this. Let me not be deceived to do otherwise.

Enable me to submit my all to You, to love You more than now, to yearn to look forward to the wonderful things that You'll do through this pair of small hands.

Because only You are deserving of this life.

And because only You can.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

the future

Don't tell me that I'll know how things are when I'm out there, working or whatever, dealing with the real society.

I know how bad it's out there, I know how sucky it is.

It doesn't matter whether I've yet to be there, or is already there. Not much, at least.

If my life turn out great, what would your response be?

"You're lucky."
"Not yet, just you wait."
"God is unfair."

If my life turn out to be what you expect, or (silently wishing) hope, what would your response be?

"I told you so."
"I told you so. (repetition)"

Are we to be conformed to the world, or are we here to be a light to others?

Not someone with superior mentality, or to be a blessings, but just to be a living testimony that there exist hope, that God is not dead.

We're not lighted so that people can see (though, that's part of the purpose), but to show people that there is actually Someone who lighted us first, and they too can be lighted up.

Yes, again, you can tell me, "you'll know when you're out there," and again it'll go like I've mentioned above.

But truly, no matter what I have to say, now, it'll always be "you'll know later..." with a hope that I do screw up, I do ended up badly, eh?

So, by you saying that, are you choosing not to bless me, but, to a certain extent, curse me?

Then, if I ever do screw up, I do hope that I'll have the faith and courage and knowledge to tell those who will come after me that, God is still good, no matter what.

I never deserve anything, not even Your sight to be set upon me,
But You saw me, and with love You lifted me and carried me with Your arms,
Adorn me with happiness, joy and glory; these I probably wouldn't have been able to taste,
And if You take these away,
Thank You that You have once gave,
Thank You that You have once loved. (though His love is for eternal.)

You give and take away, You give and take away...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Even when I refuse to plan too far ahead,
Even when I refuse to think further,
These visions kept coming, streaming down my mind.

Are these from you, or from my wishful thinking?
Make Yourself ever so true in every thoughts that I have,
In every decisions that I make.

I need You,
and in agreement, I declare that Your will be done,
In my life,
and especially in those that I've chosen to love.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Do not be afraid of mistakes.

How much can a person learn from successes compared to mistakes?

But I'm not saying that one should go and make as much mistakes as they can. If a mistake happens, learn from it. Refuse to let it go until you've squeeze the last drop of juice from it. Do not let it go to waste.

Is it not for the reason of avoiding more mistakes that we try our best to learn from one that has already happened?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

praise You

It's weird that when you go around seeking your own glory, it's either you won't get it or you'll never get satisfied, and will always want more.

But it is also funny that when you let go, and prefer to throw away your own and seek His glory, you're given so much more that you're confused.

You've already let go, as He wished you to, but why is He here, pouring everything unto you?

He gave not when you wanted, He gave all when you've given up.

What am I to do but to accept, and to give a praise of thanksgiving.

"Praise Him, praise the Lord!!!"

Sunday, March 11, 2007

via Christus

"Come to Christ, all you who work and are heavy laden, and He will give you rest. Take His yoke upon you and learn from Him, for He is gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For His yoke is easy and His burden is light."
- Matthew 11:28-30 (paraphrased)

"He has come that you may have life, and that you may have it more abundantly."
- John 10:10b (paraphrased)

Having a sudden sense of peace with everything.

And at the same time feeling burdenful for my siblings in Christ.

Torn between self and the Spirit.

I can identify with that. But I can hardly remember the feeling of it anymore. My mind is more attuned to short-occuring incidents rather than periodic ones.

But I know I've been there. I even have a book to remind me, it's entitled "when good is not good enough," and another of my favourite, borrowed from the church library, "how to be a christian without being religious."

As I walk through life, I'm beginning to see clearer the struggle between our inner desires and God's Spirit.

To illustrate, it's like a stick with two ends. One is the sinful nature, and another is God's nature. As you walk in Christ, it's like you're slowly walking further and further from the bad end to the good end.

The real truth is probably more than this, but that's the least I can see from what I've experienced.

That's why it's hard to want to do the right things. That's why it's hard to want to be good. Your "self" is identified with the sinful nature all these while, and that's who you believe you are. And of course, you are all that you are.

But as God leads you along, as you walk with Him, your "self" slowly cease to identify with the sinful nature, and more of God's.

I understand, and I really, really understand what you're feeling; that hypocritical feeling, that "this is not me" thoughts, or the anger, the frustration, the disappointments.

But I plead you to remain in Christ, knowing that all these you suffer for Him is not in vain. You might not bear stripes of scars or bruises for Him, but these inner-struggle, you know who you suffer for.

Remain in Him, and He will remain in you. A fruit is not produced overnight, it takes time.
Is your God blind that He cannot see your desire to honour Him?
Do you think He is slow to come to your aid? His timing is impeccable!

"He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver;
He will purify the sons of Levi,
And purge them as gold and silver,
That they may offer to the Lord
An offering in righteousness"
- Malachi 3:3

And would I remind you that the job as a refiner is not easy, to have to sit uncomfortably and to focus on the work at hand, in the heat of the refining fire.

And it is beyond my understanding that God would accept our offerings, when He's the one that has given us all these in the first place.
He gave so that we can give, knowing that we have nothing to give, so that He can be given.

And it is beyond my understanding that He would pick us, little stones from everywhere, to polish us with all His might, so that we can be beautiful and worthy to be fixed to His magnificent crown.

So, do not burden yourself thinking that you're capable to do things *for* God. You merely respond to His gentle (sometimes not) calling and soft nudging, no matter where you are, no matter what it is.

It might be just picking up the litter that you notice from the street, or to just help a friend when you're about to sleep, or even in loving people who are lovable and unlovable.

So, this is my good news for you today,
For you, who are weary,
For you, who are tired,
That you don't become good for Christ; He makes you good.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


One of a lady's prettiest moments would be when she's tending to an elderly with gentleness and care.

And one of her ugliest moments would be when she's talking about another person with disgust and loathe.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

on His wings

Am entering a period of silence that I have no idea how long it'll be.

Am gonna disappear for a while, there are things I need to figure out.

There are reasons why you are asked to read the Bible, there are reasons why you are asked to always pray, there are reasons why you are asked to keep close to Christians, there are reasons why you are asked to do good deeds, even in your liberty in Christ.

Even when you don't understand, and cannot see why, would you not just obey, holding onto God strongly for the moment?

Too many things coming at once, again, surprisingly. Am going to tackle em all one by one, if possible.

There's no reason to rush things that shouldn't be rushed, I can only hold on to One who I know will always be faithful.

There'll be a time, that no matter how high you are, that you'll feel like you're falling.
You're looking down that it's so hard to see that you'll be able to rise again, and get paralyzed by the fear.
Try looking up, towards the sky.

Is it still scary?

This terrible moment is for us to go through, not to die from.

For now, I'll leave you with part of a lyric from a song I love dearly for it's truthful words and encouragement.

Point of Grace - Blue Skies

On days of gray,
When doubt clouds my view,
It's so hard to see past my fears,
My strength seems to fade,
And it's all I can do,
To hold on, till the light reappears,
Still, I believe though some rain's bound to fall,
That You're here next to me,
And You're over it all.

I shall be silent for a while, and listen to the Voice I so longed for.

And I shall rise twice the distance I fell.

p/s : And if you would, please spare some of your prayer time to pray for me. Whether I know about it or not, you have my thanks. Know that your prayers shall not go to waste, for our God is a God who hears. Thank you.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Even when annoyed, even when dissatisfied, even when angered, please be kind enough to choose to love and forgive.
Truly, we can choose to have our revenge and be cruel, but I assure you that when we hurt those who hurt us, we in return are hurt too, whether it is felt or not.

It is through forgiving that we enjoy true forgiveness, and it is through loving that we feel the heartbeat of God.
So, let's judge less, and love more?


Often, life puts you at a position to compromise your faith and values to either avoid troubles or to gain benefits. It is your choice to decide what to do, for He has indeed paid the full price for your sins.

But do not be shortsighted, for in every trial there is an opportunity to be a better person than you already are, and that is who God has intended you to be, for your very own sake.