Saturday, September 22, 2007

walking contradiction

Opponents of the Bible have been going around claiming that the Bible cannot be the Word of God, because it's full of contradictions.

They arrogantly used their finite humanly reasoning power to prove whether a certain thing exists. And if their finite humanly reasoning power cannot reason it out, then it would be impossible for it to be true or correct. They think the existence of a certain matter would be determined by the level of power their brains can work.

Well, that is not exactly what I have in thoughts. They can still exist even if I can't reason them out.

I'm here to think about the contradictory nature of the human way of thinking.
Often, we think that if there's a contradiction, only one side is true; the other is not.
Quite logical actually.
But consider these that I would write:

We want people to accept us for who we are.
We want people to be honest with us, no matter what.
When people start being honest, often, we think that they're criticizing us, pointing out our weaknesses, and we lament, "why can't you just accept me for who I am?"

I mean, what the heck???

We want people to be able to trust us with critical circumstances.
But when they do, we feel used, because we feel that they only come to us when they need us.

I mean, what the heck???

We felt that we've talked too much, and decided to get the other person to talk.
When the other person is already comfortably starting to talk, we act all uninterested, and even changes the topic.

I mean, what the heck???

We wanted a silent person to talk, to join in the conversation, even to the point of pushing.
But when they do, we think that the things they say are stupid, we think that they should shut up instead.

I mean, what the heck???

We wanted people to express themselves freely, to be honest.
But when they try to explain their thoughts or position or opinion, we call them defensive.

I mean, what the heck???

We wanted people to share of the good things that has happened to them.
When they do, we think, "That's so plain. They should just keep it to themselves, bimbos."

I mean, what the heck???

We wanted people to be open and be free to tell others what they wanted to be prayed for.
But when they do, we go, "That's such a trivial thing, you might as well pray it yourself. Don't you have bigger, and more important things to ask for prayer?"

I mean, what the heck???

OK, most of them is prolly just me. Now you know how rotten is this heart of mine. And yes, you're angelic. Good for you.

Often, people do not know what they want. They think they want, and when they got it, they realise that they don't. They think they don't, and when they don't have it anymore, they want.

What I am proposing, is that the next time we feel hurt, the next time we feel sore, can we look at the whole picture and evaluate the relevance of our feelings?
No, I am not asking you to abandon your emotions, but I think we've indulged in it too much already. It's enough. It's time to strike a balance.

There is a time to feel hurt, and there is also a time to know that your feelings contradicts itself and should be ignored.

I am learning too, so if you actually agreed with what I wrote, why not embark on this trip together?


And may the Holy Spirit help us in discerning what is valid, and what is not.

God bless.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've just watched a video about Christian persecution, where they are ordered to spit on the Bible.

Why is the Bible so precious? It is because it contains some words that comes directly down from the Divine?

If you believe so, you are most probably mistaken.
If you believe so, you most probably do not understand what it really meant when it is said that the Bible was *inspired* by God.

I ask you to consider the Bible precious, because it is from the Bible that we come to know the person Jesus.

It is from the Bible that we come to know that we have a God who so loved us that He came down as a man, and died for our sins.
It is from the Bible that we come to know that we have a God who do not just leaves us on our own, but wants us to be near Him.
It is from the Bible that we come to know that we have a purposeful God, that we have a reason for this life that we have.

And what is there in written words, that if we throw them away, or spit on it, it disproves our faith in God?

I suspect that the sacrilegious act is not on you doing it, but because that is the way your enemies affirm your denial of your God.

It is not so much of your action of tearing it apart, or throwing it away, burning it, or spitting on it, but because your enemies wanted you to do it in order to deny your faith.

You have denied your God, not in doing it, but in showing it.

But as Jesus had taken away all the sins of those who come to Him, I still believe that there can be reconciliation.
We humans, on the other hand would not be so forgiving, though it is almost none of our business; it is a matter between the person and Him.

Are we worthy to judge the person who denied God, while we often live in ways that deny Him?

God did not forgive for forgiving sake, but so that we can be reconciled to Him.
Our sins He remembers no more. REMEMBERS NO MORE!

Peter denied God three times, while Judas only once.
The former found courage to ask for forgiveness, while the latter punished himself.

What use is forgiveness if there is no reconciliation?
What use is forgiveness if the offense is still remembered?

It is for your own sake that you're commanded to forgive, that you do not hinder yourself from the abundant life you're entitled to by carrying such a burden.

Friday, September 14, 2007

heartful praises

How bold we are to take up the pen with our pair of filthy hands, writing love poems and letters to Him.
The love that flows out from our filthy heart is not even worth giving.

How bold we are to lift our voices with our dirty lips, singing love songs and praises to Him.
The voice that flows out from our mouth is not even worth listening to.

I suspect that the angels can write much better poems to Him.
I suspect that the angels can sing much sweeter than the best singer we have.

But it is our poems and letters He wanted to read, no matter how badly it is written, no matter how insincere and hypocritical we feel writing it.
And it is also our voices that He wanted to hear, no matter how croaked it is, no matter how bad we are at singing.

Write now to your heart's content, for you have no reason to anymore when you're in heaven.
Sing now to Him to your heart's content, for your voices would not be heard being in the midst of an ever-singing multitude in heaven.

O praise Him, my heart, and bless the Lord my Beloved!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

praise lover

Is it our nature to love praises, or are we just looking for someone to praise.

And often, that someone just happens to be ourselves?