Monday, May 30, 2005


What right do I have to think there's no hope for a person?
What right do I have to doubt others of their salvation?
What right do I have to think they're beyond saving?
What right do I have to think how a person should live?
What right do I have to despise what God has given me?
What right do I have to come before Him and pour out all my life before Him, seeking comfort, seeking confidence, seeking blessings, seeking things I don't have?

I have no right at all.

But He said it's ok, anyway.

I'm speechless beyond words.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Even in the midst of trouble,
Even in the bleakness of a situation,
Even when the sky is cloudy,
Even when things seem impossible,

You are there with me,
You are there to comfort me,

I may be an optimist,
Or maybe naive in the eyes of others,
There's indeed a fine line between the two,
But I'm not being positive for no reason,
I have a God who is GREAT,
Who can do ALL THINGS,
Who saves people,
Who delivers people,
Who restores people,
Who loves people.

In Him I put my trust, and no one else.
And I'm comforted in my weary heart,
And I'm encouraged in the midst of my tears,
And I'm happy that,
my God heareth me,
my God speaketh to me,
and my God loveth me. :)