Wednesday, February 27, 2008

useful regrets

I do not want to be one who laments and regrets while there are things that can still be done.

Regrets are only as useful as your resultant decision and action.


Something is going to happen in MMU Cyberjaya @ 10-13 March 2008............

It's a FAIR where you get to eat and buy stuff, and do charity!!!
But uh, sadly, we have no ferris wheel...
What's a fair without ferris wheel right???

But if you promise to come and support, we might be able to come up with something close, perhaps a simulation of it! :P

But currently, we're short of vendors for food and the flea market. :(
It is never our intention to deprive your good self from contributing to the lives of many others...

It'll be great if you can send me the contacts of any vendors, or someone who knows any vendors, or someone who knows someone wh
o knows any vendors! It's almost like you've contributed A LOT already! No, I'm actually serious!

Plus, if you help us get more vendors, you'll be able to have more choice of friedchicken/friendnoodles/friedmeehoon/


And on the first day, in the evening, there's this Care Night, where there'll be these you-can't-miss-em-all performances, consisting of bands, mime and drama!


And you'd be able to do something about your years of suppressed desire to help those that are less fortunate than your good self! We have "Beautiful Gates - Foundation for disabled," "United Voice," "SPCA Selangor," "House of Joy (not House of Flying Daggers!)," "Retirement Home," and "CREST" to help you to start walking your destiny!!!

I assure you that they would be able to help you with your hidden dream of doing charity works!

Remember, a single act of kindness can go a long way~

But the best of all these is that, you don't have to be here to support this good work! We accept donations, whether it is cash, or non-cash!

So, it is our hope that we can work together to contribute to the lives of others. 10 bucks is perhaps just the cost of one movie ticket for you, but for some, it is prolly just the right amount that they need to survive the day.

I can be contacted through my email address: yesuvia[at]

God bless you! ;)

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Those who know me would know how obsessed I am with God's blessing, especially with the physical and obvious ones.

Of course, I do try my best not to allow myself be confused that not seeing a blessing I expect is not an indication that God is not pleased with me, as if undesirable things are indication that I'm doing badly.

But I can't shake off this feeling that somehow, for the past few months that God seem to be asking me this question, and it's getting louder and louder:

"Should I cease to bless you, would you still follow after Me?"