Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I'm pouring away,
I'm pouring away.

This feelings that has been welling up in this little heart of mine, has seem to overflow.

My heart cannot contain it,
It can no longer do.

There are so many things that I can imagine myself do if you were there to hold my hand, to provide me with reassurance, undying support and courage.
I can see myself as being able to be more than who I am, if you were to be behind me,
Pushing me when I'm staying put,
To bear my weight when I'm letting go and falling free,
And to affirm my faith when it is weak.

But I guess we can no longer be or rather, I can no longer do.

We've chatted so much that I rather not look at its history anymore.
I can never ever get used to be around you.
And this feelings, I understand no more.

From here I pour out my heart, letting every drop of affection run freely through the ground, every single thing I can never dream of letting go.

From here I'll find reassurance from heaven.
From here I'll find support from God, and from friends.
And from here I'll find courage from above, and from within.

It's not like I care not for you anymore. I still do. In a different way, perhaps.
I wish for your happiness, that you'll truly, one day be with a person God has destined for you.
I hope you'll be joyful, every single day if you may, dancing graceful steps for the Lord, and to Him alone.
In your every victory, let praises be given to the only One who is worthy of the words of your lips.
In your despair and grief, may you be clothed with divine comfort, may you be soothed with a consolation no mortal can provide.
And whenever you needed a friend, remember that I'll always be around; for as long as my breath is still within me, I will do my very best to come to your aid, to tend to your needs.

But for now,
To you my dear friend,
and Godspeed.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

not mine, but Yours

My heart sinks within me Lord,
Yearning to be released.

Confession is just a word away,
To send my grief adrift.

But yet Lord,
Let Your will be done, and not mine.

For I trust in Your purposeful plans,
I trust in the goodness of the work of Your hands.

For I've seen the beauty of Your path,
My plans cannot dream to compare.

Confession is just a word away,
To send my grief adrift.

But yet Lord,
Let Your will be done, and not mine.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Is it important it is to involve God in a relationship? Very.

For those who has recognize God as their comforter in life, they should also realise that He is also the comforter in their humanly relationship.

One should not look upon their partner as the ultimate comfort, but a secondary one.

Why? Because everybody has their way of showing their love and care.

No matter how close they are to us, no matter how long they've been with us, often, they can never match up to our expectation unless of course, you're the 'god/goddess' of their life.

So, there'll always be time when they'll fall short, and be unable to provide comfort nor support.
When that happens, no matter how well established the relationship is, because we expect such things from them and they are not able to fulfill it, we tend to look for other people who can.

Relationship, if established and cultivated solely for selfish purposes, is just another problem waiting to happen, needlessly increasing the number of social problem that's already abundant.

Of course one would seek and expect love and care and comfort and support from their partner, but one shouldn't be totally, entirely dependent on each other; because we're humans and we're not perfect.

Always remember how fragile our life and our feelings are. Cherish every moment together, never take each other for granted, and always be honest. This privilege is only available on this side of life, and not beyond.
And always remember that the it is for God that we live, and while the rest is important, is still secondary and is entirely God-given extras.

Friday, August 04, 2006

drifting away

Almost fleeting, you.
Nearly gone, it is,
Drifting away into the unknown.

And I thank God for that.