Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I've totally forgotten how easy it was for me to hurt people.

The things I said, I thought of them as light jokes,
but to others, they were piercing insults,
and hurls of hurting words.

I've totally forgotten how I wished for people not to know me,
for they'll probably lived better,

I've totally forgotten how it'd be best for me to keep my mouth shut,
in all occasions.

I can never drive them away,
But I can run away and disappear.

But I wouldn't do that.

I'll speak less,
joke less,
and hang out less.

It doesn't matter if I'm hurt, as long as I don't hurt people.

It really doesn't matter at all if I'm all alone,
I'm used to it.
It has always been like that,
So, it doesn't really matter.

Yes, it doesn't really matter.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

to you

To my ex cg leader:

I may had not said this but even if I said it I don't know if you'd take it seriously. Contrary to your belief, I see you taking up the role of leadership of the cg not because there's no one else who'd do it. I see it as God has made it such that there's no one else that'll be able to do it except you.

You did well, honestly.

I've seen how much you've changed while you're at it, and I wish some of the changes would stick till now. :P

I've seen you become more humble, more attentive, and more mature.

I'm sorry that I was not as supportive as I should, I just had to miss a few months of CG for the sake of my spiritual and knowledge growth. I was a bit dissappointed for the lack of support though. I guess we're even. :)

Just wanted to say it wasn't coincidental, it wasn't something "no one else would, so we picked you," it was "no one else could, so we picked you."

God is preparing you for something. It's not obvious, but He is. Just hope you'd notice. :)

Things are never coincidental. They are incidental. Because we've got a master Planner up there. He has a lot of plans for us, whether we notice it or not.

Hope this blessed you. Thank you for your support through the first semester. I am blessed.

May He blesses you with many things,
His grace keeps you safe,
His mercy keeps you going,
His Spirit keeps you strong.