Friday, October 27, 2006

in current best

At times, when we are faced with a certain issue to be solved, we tend to suspect something so strongly, that we wouldn't even consider other possibilities.

But then again, even if we are to allow ourselves to be more open to other possible causes, would it even help?

I was fixing my dad's computer, because the newly installed CRT monitor flickers uncontrollably, at the right side of the screen.
At first, I was so sure that it was because of the fixed refresh rate of 60Hz that was causing it to behave so.
I changed the screen resolution, and was able to increase the refresh rate. The flickering was reduced, but it was still there.
It seems like there was nothing else I could do, so I considered the problem solved, though unsatisfied.

Today, I found out that it was not the refresh rate that was causing the flickering, but rather the UPS that was placed just beside the monitor.

Would I have solved the problem sooner if I were to allow myself to think of other causes?

Or will it still be the same, but only causing me to be more stressed and unable to concentrate?

I can never answer these questions, for I only know that it is after what I did at first that I was able to figure out the real solution.

To start solving something, I need to at least start somewhere, no?

Does it matter if my first attempt was the correct one?

For even in scientific discoveries, it is through continuous trials that one is able to find something new, something useful.

Should I regret the time spent on the wrong attempts, or should I rejoice for it is through my mistakes that I was able to get it right afterwards?

For now, many of these questions lie unanswered, but what I truly understand is that if I was trying to be sensitive to all the possible sources of a problem, I can never know which unless I start working on the nearest possibility.
I can ponder forever, but I will never ever know.

Sometimes we look back at our mistakes, and wonder whether the time spent on it was worth it, we wonder whether it was worth regretting?

One cannot know the future, except God alone.
If there's anything we can do, it is to act in accordance to the best current knowledge that we possess, and to give our best in carrying it through.

Whether it'll fail or not, that's another story.

And keep in mind that it's also important to wait for God, no matter how urgent a matter may seem.
As to what waiting for God means, that I leave to your own study. :)

I hope no matter what you do, that you'll firstly commit it to Him, give it the best you can in accordance to your best current ability and judgement, and after that letting go and not worry of the outcome, for it is useless to worry for something you cannot know and do anything about.

May you be blessed knowing who is God, and knowing that He holds the works of your hands. :)

Monday, October 09, 2006


I dislike my habit of clinging hard unto the hand that pulls me along.

I totally hate it.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Yesterday, I had regrets.

A surprising amount of regrets in a single day.

My exam. I could only answer 3 out of the supposedly 4. Why you ask? Because I wasn't serious enough about it. I didn't know that another chapter exists.
For the first time ever, I left the exam hall 30 minuntes earlier.
For the first time ever, as far as I can remember, I regretted my unseriousness.

My laughter. Sometimes, I laugh way too much. I regret it. Many times I regret laughing for the sake of laughing. Many times I hoped that I was able to keep a calm face, and just present a smile once in a while.
My laughter, they shouldn't exist.

My knowledge. My enthusiasm. May they be deeply concealed within me, not be shown, not be displayed.
Most of the time I feel inferior when I think I've given the wrong answer, when I've said something too soon without verifying them.
And I go all the way to prove that I am right, only to find my ego at the end of my find.

I rather that not. I rather feeling inferior, than feeling superior. I rather esteem others more than myself than esteem myself more than others.
The pain to suppress an ego is much much more than the sadness of inferiority. I do not want to look at others with these pair of prideful eyes. I do not wanna see myself with this egoistical heart.

Often, I forget that in mistakes, I am liberated. By being wrong, I am free.

How, you ask?

I am liberated from the bonds that entangles me, to have me be correct all the time.

I am free from the chains that binds me, from the need to live up to other people's expectations.

I forget that in shame I lose much, but that is when God is able to reside within me.
Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

I shall stop here, because I have no idea what I'm writing anymore. One hour sleep for the whole day, and here I am still, not taking my rest. I shall, I shall.

But one thing I learn from yesterday that I wish to share is that I found out that regrets from little little incidents linger and holds stronger in my heart.

There are times I regret being a christian.
But I don't think I ever regret the day God found me.
That was the best thing that has ever happened to me, and will always be.

I wanna get baptised, but for now, I need to clear some doubts that lingers in my heart. But where can I find such person with such refined knowledge, where can I find a person whose heart's truth is not swayed by questions?

So, for now Lord, I wait, I wait.