Sunday, January 24, 2010


Many people run around recycling (stupid) statements and (uninformed) observations that they think placed them in the smart people circle.
The amusing thing is that even those who opposed these people, say dumb things.

Am getting a little tired trying to push rationality down people's throat (or if I don't succeed in doing that, to make them look as stupid as possible). I think I'm gonna take a little break and just enjoy their little show.

But just in case you bump into this arrogant post, which would probably mean that we are personally acquainted, please at least read some of the articles below:

Unless of course, we don't really talk to each other, or we don't talk about 'important stuff' like this.
If I know you personally and you (or me) start talking about this, and you start saying all the 'smart' things and sharing all 'intelligent' observation, I don't really like to think of you as an idiot. Worse, to have to fight the urge to correct/debunk your 'evidence.'

Now, I'm not here to say you can't believe what you want to believe in. Just don't hate me should I make you look stupid, because that's what you deserve.
If you don't check your facts, or if you delude yourself into thinking you have the basic scientific knowledge when you don't, that's what you deserve. That's what you deserve for making me feel stupid for thinking highly of you.

Unless, of course, you've thought them through and actually have a rational counter. But I doubt it.


I don't like to get acquainted with more people.

Because it's harder to criticize them after that.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's like I never existed.

What more can I ask for? How can I not like this?

This, this is perfection. Thank you.