Friday, January 30, 2009

the day

I'm one to live everyday realising that the next second might not be there.

But hugs can wait, for one right day.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Counting, I should be giving tithe worth of RM X28.50 for the salary I've received.

So, just before I left for church service, I counted the money in my wallet.
RM 29.
Coins in pocket?
40 cents.

Hmm... 10 cents more, and it's RM 1 extra. I'll withdraw an extra RM 200 for my other expenses then.

So, off I went. Upon arriving, I returned two books, and since it's a week late, I'll have to pay RM 1 extra. RM 28 left. After having done with other works, off I went to the ATM. So, how much did I intended to withdraw again? Ah, RM X00+200. And with great blurness I keyed in "X00." Ugh. Should I withdraw again? (Because they charge RM 1 for withdrawing money from an ATM of different bank) It's ok, I won't need it till I go to the petrol station to fill up the tank. I can withdraw the money from there.

So, off I went for brunch. It was RM 2.6. Tea was 40 cents. RM X28.40 left.

Went back to the church building for the Sunday service. Got the only 10 cents from the car to complete the amount of the tithe. Dropped RM X28.50 into the envelop. RM 2 left.

Just before going back, I asked my sister whether she wanted anything from the area I'm at, and she said no. That means I'll be withdrawing money from the petrol station after all.

Went to fill up the tank, and withdrew RM 200 from the ATM. Spotted cotton candy. No price tag spotted anywhere. Paid RM 2 for it. There's still 5 pieces of 20 cents coin in the car, but I'm not gonna push my "luck" too far.

It's been an amusing day. ;)