Friday, May 25, 2007


Can one find peace amidst this chaos?
This unsettling fear, it lingers unceasingly,
In the heart of many.

Would there be calm, in this turbulence?
I can hardly imagine if there could be one.
Even if there be one,
It'll be but for a moment,
Leaving as quick as it comes.

But it is because of my God that I've come to know,
It is because of my Lord whom I've grown to love,
That I have hope.
A hope that arises from His love.

There can be peace in the midst of this unceasing chaos;
There can be calm in this crazy storm;
He will cause me to smile in the face of harm,
He will be my safety in the face of danger,
Because it is in my God that I trust.

Whether in life or death, He is with me;
Who can win against me?

There can be peace in the midst of this chaos;
There can be calm in this storm;
For it is in God that we trust.

Wedding Vows

Will you, in the midst of the comfort and/or conflict at home, do your best to attend to the poor and needy?

Will you, while having children of your own, if God gives, remember the orphans and broken homes, and if possible, to provide relief?

Will you, strengthened by your partner, not just be contented with the love of each other, but would have your marriage bring forth better things for others?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


There exists many arguments and statements concerning reality that sounds so convincing and logical, but can never happen or exist apart from the linguistic world.

There also exists many arguments and statements that sounds so illogical, contradictory and paradoxical that it seems impossible for it to exist in reality, but are natural occurences.

Amusing world.

And I make it my aim to venture deeper into it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Yes, do continue with your speculations.
Continue to indulge in that tasty and juicy game of guessing; that tempting lie that your heart and the evil one devised, that you would be caught up in useless and time-wasting wonders.
Is it useful and absolutely necessary for you to know things that are purposely kept from your knowledge, with your health of mind in thought when such is done?
Go on, continue and indulge in things that are absolutely not useful and time-wasting and strife-inviting, that perhaps one day you would look back and regret upon it and have a better life, or perhaps would never realise about it even in death.

-a pre-thought response to a possible future speculation on my possible writings or words.-