Monday, February 02, 2009

ethical unethical tactfulness

Here’s a pointer that I hope would help some of you express your opinion more efficiently or while having a discussion in a non-professional/amateurish environment. :

If you’re about to write something that might be controversial,

1. Use the word ‘maybe’! It’s your best friend! Or,
2. Start your sentence(s) with the phrase, ‘I suspect.‘ Or,
3. Any way you can find to help the people you’re addressing not fall into the illusion that they are compelled/forced/smothered to accept your arguments or opinion.

Even if you’re an expert in the topic, one must maintain an appearance of humility, and gentleness and things like that.

Remember, contrary to popular belief, people don’t really care about who you are, only who you appear to be. Now, if my suggestion sounds unethical, remember, it’s more unethical to distract people from the content of your arguments by your careless choice of words and untactful structuring of sentences.