Tuesday, February 20, 2007


One of a lady's prettiest moments would be when she's tending to an elderly with gentleness and care.

And one of her ugliest moments would be when she's talking about another person with disgust and loathe.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

on His wings

Am entering a period of silence that I have no idea how long it'll be.

Am gonna disappear for a while, there are things I need to figure out.

There are reasons why you are asked to read the Bible, there are reasons why you are asked to always pray, there are reasons why you are asked to keep close to Christians, there are reasons why you are asked to do good deeds, even in your liberty in Christ.

Even when you don't understand, and cannot see why, would you not just obey, holding onto God strongly for the moment?

Too many things coming at once, again, surprisingly. Am going to tackle em all one by one, if possible.

There's no reason to rush things that shouldn't be rushed, I can only hold on to One who I know will always be faithful.

There'll be a time, that no matter how high you are, that you'll feel like you're falling.
You're looking down that it's so hard to see that you'll be able to rise again, and get paralyzed by the fear.
Try looking up, towards the sky.

Is it still scary?

This terrible moment is for us to go through, not to die from.

For now, I'll leave you with part of a lyric from a song I love dearly for it's truthful words and encouragement.

Point of Grace - Blue Skies

On days of gray,
When doubt clouds my view,
It's so hard to see past my fears,
My strength seems to fade,
And it's all I can do,
To hold on, till the light reappears,
Still, I believe though some rain's bound to fall,
That You're here next to me,
And You're over it all.

I shall be silent for a while, and listen to the Voice I so longed for.

And I shall rise twice the distance I fell.

p/s : And if you would, please spare some of your prayer time to pray for me. Whether I know about it or not, you have my thanks. Know that your prayers shall not go to waste, for our God is a God who hears. Thank you.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Even when annoyed, even when dissatisfied, even when angered, please be kind enough to choose to love and forgive.
Truly, we can choose to have our revenge and be cruel, but I assure you that when we hurt those who hurt us, we in return are hurt too, whether it is felt or not.

It is through forgiving that we enjoy true forgiveness, and it is through loving that we feel the heartbeat of God.
So, let's judge less, and love more?


Often, life puts you at a position to compromise your faith and values to either avoid troubles or to gain benefits. It is your choice to decide what to do, for He has indeed paid the full price for your sins.

But do not be shortsighted, for in every trial there is an opportunity to be a better person than you already are, and that is who God has intended you to be, for your very own sake.