Sunday, May 25, 2008

the best in you

If I were to be a debater,
I want to be one that would provoke the best thoughts from my opponent.

If I were to be a rival,
I want to be one that would bring out the best in him.

If I were to be a lover,
I want to be one that would cause you to bloom more beautifully, to flourish better than everyone else.

Why does my heart ache every time I see you far away, whenever you seem to shine with such glorious splendour?
It aches with both longing and love.

Perhaps the reason why I would ever want you to be plain is to keep you near, to keep you from being out of reach.

My selfishness disgusts me.

"Do you love her?
Do you know what’s the difference between like and love?
If you like a flower, you would pluck it.
If you love a flower, you would water it.
I would be watering it!" - Kim Jong Min

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Was driving to the airport just now. No, I will not tell you the reason of why I did that. Heh.

During the journey, somehow I felt that my heart misses someone. Someone who would sit by my side, someone to share the journey with.

So, I scan through people that I know, people that I thought would be that someone: My friends, my sisters, and even my favourite celebrities.
I even try to imagine actually having them there.

But to my surprise, I find that none of them fit the bill. They don't fill my longing.

I actually miss someone, but it's no one...

Friday, May 23, 2008

of the Bible and Jesus

"We do not have faith in Jesus Christ because we believe in the Bible, but we trust in the Bible because the Holy Spirit has brought us to faith in Jesus Christ through the Bible." - Theological Professors of The American Lutheran Church