Monday, December 23, 2013


I've always had ideas,
Of how my days could go,
I'd play them in my heads to get them right,
Over and over again.

But oftentimes,
Perhaps all the time,
They don't go the way they would,
My ideas not playing the way they should.

Though as the day goes by,
And as each idea die,
I'd still try to play each one of them,
The ones yet condemned.

But today it was a little bit different,
Though they didn't play well the same.

For today I expected to end the day,
By asking for her to lend her hand,
To hold them in mine and to tell her that,
I wish her all the happiness in the land.

But things weren't looking up,
I started backing out,
And I kept looking up and out,
To find me my way out.

And that was then she had her hands out,
Both of them held up,
Looked at me and then to tell,
That I am to wish her well.

So today her hands I gladly took,
Today I congratulate,
Today I looked into her dark, dark eyes,
And wished her a very good life.

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